Heavy Petting

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نام فیلم :
Heavy Petting
محصول سال : 1989
هنرپیشگان : David Byrne ,Frances Fisher ,Sandra Bernhard
کارگردان : Obie Benz
خلاصه فیلم : How can a woman's charms compare to a dog's downy fur and wet tongue? When Charlie first started dating Daphne, her pooch Babydoll seemed to be an obstacle. But slowly Charlie realized that it was really the canine he had eyes for. Now, as the bond between man and dog blossoms, Charlie has to figure out a way to juggle the two relationships--or risk losing them both. This unique romantic comedy is...
گروه فیلم : مستند خرید : 30 بار
کیفیت : DVDRip
امتیاز : 7 از 10 ( 5 نفر )
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      600  تومان

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