The Machinist

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نام فیلم :
The Machinist
محصول سال : 2004
هنرپیشگان : Christian Bale, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Aitana Sanchez-Gijon, John Sharian, Michael Ironside
کارگردان : Brad Anderson
خلاصه فیلم : Trevor Reznik, a quiet and reserved loner who works as a machinist, is wasting away from lack of food and sleep deprivation leaving him gaunt and fatigued. After a year of suffering from severe insomnia, he is involved in an accident at the workplace that leaves a co-worker seriously injured. What follows is a dark descent into paranoia, as Trevor's downward spiral leaves him obsessed with finding
گروه فیلم : درام خرید : 48 بار
کیفیت : BRRip_720P
امتیاز : 5 از 10 ( 5 نفر )
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      600  تومان

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