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نام فیلم :
Smile - لبخند
محصول سال : 2009
هنرپیشگان : Armand Assante, Harriet MacMasters-Green and Antonio Cupo
کارگردان : Francesco Gasperoni
خلاصه فیلم : Several students on a school holiday discover a mysterious camera, but after several of them start showing up dead after having their picture taken, they start to realize this camera is much more than they bargained for. In looking at the photos that have been taken of everyone, they find that the deaths correlate to the image. As time runs out, they must piece together the puzzle before they become the next victims.
گروه فیلم : ترسناک خرید : 5 بار
کیفیت : DVDRip
امتیاز : 6 از 10 ( 1 نفر )
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    2 بخش

      1200  تومان

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